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We believe that growth comes through experience. talPor should, above all else, be a place where everyone comes to learn. This can be a tool, a community, or just another job. You decide what to make it.

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Do not be afraid to make mistakes

Mistakes happen. You will over or under-estimate that feature. You will completely misunderstand your client. You will break a build for everyone in your team. You will manage to take down production on a rainy day. It happens. And it will happen again. The whole point of this philosophy is to minimize the number of times that happens.

Always try to do your best

Even if you have done it a million times, or if it is the first time you get on board on a project, always make solid decisions. It doesn't really matter if you have been in the project from the get go, or you are just joining to hotfix that annoying problem, take that extra time to first understand the requirements, and then build or fix whatever needs to be fixed as best as you possibly can.

Ask for help

As previously said, we are a small team which is always ready to provide help when needed. Don't be afraid to ask if someone has ever done this or that. Don't be afraid to say you don't know the answer. Don't be afraid to say you don't know how to do something in particular. Likewise, offer your help or advice when you do know what is going on.

Never take it personally

This one is related to #1. It will come the time when that feature branch you poured yourself into will not make it to production. It will happen that your code will take down production, or make the wrong assumptions. It will come the time that you will be told you are doing it wrong. You are not what you code or what you design, and you are not the project you are on.

Be impeccable with your words

This one refers to the way you express yourself. Words are much more than the constructs of phrases that comes out of your mounth, they carry emotions, actions, thoughts or attitudes. Express yourself with integrity, say what you mean and avoid your word to express jealousy, envy, frustration, fear or anger. We respect each other ideas and thoughts.

Don't make assumptions

When you are working on teams, communication is fundamental to guarantee success in any project. You cannot assume what others think, so being a little verbose is not that bad. Misunderstandings occurs and you may end up not deploying something into production because you assumed that another one was going to do it.

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talPor is always shifting, finding our way as we make it.
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