Stan Winston

Educational media company dedicated to teaching the art and science of character creation

Stan Winston School of Character Arts is an educational media company dedicated to teaching the art and science of character creation. SWSCA is partnered with Hollywood’s top effects artists and studios to develop, produce, and distribute ultra-high quality online Creature FX video tutorials and web-courses, teaching the innovative techniques and processes used to create cinema’s most memorable characters.


To bring up to date the already existing 7 year old platform to use the latest technologies and design standards, by reimplementing and redesigning every aspect of it from zero, while keeping -and improving- every functionality.


We analysed the existent data to make sure a migration to a newer system would be feasible. We performed a UX audit card sorting study on the existing platform to have a clear map of the scope of the project, designed how the new site would look and function, and finally developed and deployed it.

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